The New Lands of Faerun

Roughly a hundred years have passed in the world since the Heroes of the Light’s encounter with the Spider Queen. The current year is 1479 DR, the Year of the Mists of Reality. The Cataclysms, especially the Spellplague, have drastically altered the cosmos. The Spellplague broke out in 1385 DR, the Year of the Blue Fire, with the death of the goddess Mystra. The Grand Conjunction left its mark on the creatures of the world. Victims of the original cataclysm were horribly changed, not simply scarred, their flesh warped in unimaginable ways.

The huge Underdark collapses have changed the surface of Faerun. As the earth fell away, the level and position of the Sea of Fallen Stars (the major trade route district) shifted drastically. Due to the “country-sized” hole in the earth, the Underchasm enabled the Mists of Sarrow accessiblility to the sourthern continent of Faerun. There, the Mists continue to spread to this very day, devouring and altering everything in its path.

There has become a terrible undead threat. The Plaguewrought Lands, former land of the Red Wizards, is now under the control of a single power Darklord, Azalin the Lich of darkness. His exact location is still yet unknown. The lands of Halruaa is now the known resting place of the Darklord, Count Strahd von Zarovich. His castle estate, fully intact, was last seen on the mountain tops overshadowing the waters of the Great Sea. The Mists of Reality have recently devoured those lands with intense and deadly fog that prevents people from knowing their true locations.

The Mists are a deadly think fog that continues to spread over the lands of Faerun. The cloak of evil enshadows everything it touches, turning them into the walking undead. Many locals to the south have relocated north in efforts of escaping its fate. However, its become quite clear, the Mists is ever growing, and there is no salvation.

The New Lands of Faerun

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