The Spider Queen's Turmoil

During the year of 1374 DR, the world of Toril witnessed the end of the fiendish Spider Queen. Her attempts in trying to open up a portal to the Underdark was foiled by a couragious group of fighters known as the Heroes of the Light. She had an underground fortress, deep below the frozen tundra of the northern Great Glacier. The Heroes ventured into the fortress and destroyed the evil that dwelled there.

However, the portal that the Spider Queen constructed could not be destroyed. It appeared to have a magic force bound to it that binded itself to this world. The questions of “How and Why” this portal existed drove fear into the hearts of the people. Since the portal was not actively open, no one could venture through it to see what horrors existed on the other side. But since the portal was inactive, it was also believed that nothing could travel through into Faerun. Content that the evil was removed from this fortress, the Heroes destroyed the fortress and closed off the entrance to the portal for all eternity; or so they thought…..

The turmoil of the Spider Queen may have been true, but what still dwelled within her fortress was not. Several years have passed since that event. Everything remained quiet and the fears of the Spider Queen have since been forgotten.

The year of 1385 DR brought new life to the sealed away Portal. The fears of what possible evils that lived on the other side of the portal are now stirring; awaiting the right time to open and unleash its horror on the lands of Faerun. What exactly was the Spider Queen’s intentions with this portal and why did she create it in the first place….?

The Spider Queen's Turmoil

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